C0581 OBD Code

C0581 = Chassis Code (Problem is controller area network wiring bus and modules.)

81 is the final two digits are numbers that relate to the specific fault description, and there is no pre-approved key to help decode these final two digits.

C0581 OBD Code Description :

C0581 Structure Identification

C refer to the chassis category, which deals with areas outside the passenger compartment. It covers functionalities, such as brakes, suspension, steering, and mechanical systems.
0 ABS/TCS Brake Switch Circuit Malfunction
5 RF Wheel Speed Sensor Circuit Open
8 RF Wheel Speed Circuit Open or Shorted
1 RF TCS Master Cylinder Isolation Valve Malfunction

Possible Causes

  • EVAP solenoid valve is damaged or it has failed
  • Faulty CPM sensor
  • IMRC actuator cable/gears are seized, or the cables are improperly routed or seized
  • Knock sensor is damaged

How is the C0581 code repair?

For repair process you can do it yourself or take the car to auto repair shop , it will charge between $50 and $150 per hour.

Before starting repair process please check the 4 possible causes and to diagnose the C0581 obd2 code nearly half an hour labor time.

OBD2 Code Structure

First unit identifies the type of obd error code:

Pxxxx for powertrain
Bxxxx for body
Cxxxx for chassis
Uxxxx for class 2 network

Second digit shows whether the code is manufacturer unique or not:

x0xxx for government-required code
x1xxx for manufacturer-specific code

Third digit shows us what system the trouble code references:

xx1xx/xx2xx show air and fuel measurements
xx3xx shows ignition system
xx4xx shows emissions systems
xx5xx references speed/idle control
xx6xx deals with computer systems
xx7xx/xx8xx involve the transmission
xx9xx notates input/output signals and controls

Digits four and five show the specific failure code.

xxx00 to xxx99 - these are based on the systems defined in the third digit.

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